written by melwyn/haujobb

Welcome to a new article series called "Suce ma saucisse - a demosceners cookbook". As for all the non French speaking people I can tell the title means roughly "Enjoy a sausage" which is of course one of the favourite food sceners around the world eat while partying and having barbeques. In the following issues of PAiN diskmag I will share my knowledge of all the best cooking tips on different kinds of delicious meals I have prepared at demo parties.
Before the main courses we have to of course enjoy some starters. That's why I'm now going to share with you a drink recipe many people outside Finland have been asking for since Mekka 2000. Yes, I'm talking of course of salmiakkikossu, salmiakki koskenkorva, liquorice vodka or whatever you might call it. This sweet and salty flavoured drink is at its best during the cool nights and while waiting for demo competitions.

o A bottle of vodka
o A bag of salmiakki candy

Step 1 - Acquire the ingredients

You can choose just about any vodka brand since they all taste pretty much the same. However try to avoid beverages with more than 40% of alcohol, otherwise the drink will get easily too strong. Also, in traditional Finnish way you should use kossu (Koskenkorva or Koskenkorva vodka).
With the candy you have to be more precise. Turkish Peber is the choice number one but any other candy with lots of salmiakki (the salty kind of liquorice) should do. You can buy Turkish Peber at least in Scandinavia but it might be harder to find elsewhere. A proper ratio for half litre of vodka is about 30-40 candies (contents of normal bag or half of the taxfree sized bag).

Step 2 - Make room for candy

Empty the vodka bottle a bit. You can't prepare the drink with full bottle, since - as our dear friend Archimedes discovered - any body completely or partially submerged in a fluid at rest is acted upon by an upward, or buoyant, force the magnitude of which is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body. Thus we need to get some space for the candy inside the bottle before mixing it together with the vodka.

Step 3 - Prepare candy for mixing

There are two schools in this; You can either just put the candy inside the bottle if the bottle-neck is wide enough. However the mixing takes much longer (approximately two hours) with whole goodies so smashing them beforehands is advisable. Wrap candies inside paper and use hard artifact such as hammer or a stone to break the sweets into small pieces.

Step 4 - Mix the vodka with candy

Pour the candy inside the bottle, close the bottle top and shake well. Depending on how you proceeded in step 3 it'll take from 1 to 2 hours before the drink is ready. While waiting remember to shake the bottle occasionally so the candy won't just stick in the bottom without mixing well. When the mixture is ready enjoy it with your friends and don't forget to offer it to everyone who hasn't tried it before.