Filipe Cruz
Filipe Cruz is natural of Vila Nova de Gaia, born I 1979. Informatics Engineer, with pre-bologna Masters, focusing on artificial inteligence and the generative 3d urban environments. Involved in the demoscene since 98. Curator of Enough Records, the oldest Portuguese netlabel. Currently head of software development at Take The Wind, a biomedic communication company in Coimbra.
An haiku is a short form of asian poetry, typically of a heavy sensorial / synesthetic motive and related to nature and /or the seasons of the year. The most common form is 3 short sentences long in 5-7-5 words form. With a total of 17 words.

Meta Gen Haiku is an open source web tool developed by the author that enables a user to construct and edit generative haikus. Using this tool any user can shape different semantic forms with wordlists of synonyms and share them on the web. The haiku is generated selecting random seeds from any given input value, including words, sentences and even documents. This feature enables recursion: A generated haiku can be used as seed for the generation of a new haiku.

Present at the exhibition is a series of derivative work haikus, printed in a paper format ready to take home by the visitors. All the haikus were recursively generated with the developed tool by the author. Additional credits to the original haiku used for the derivative work is attributed to Ryokan (1758 – 1831).