Vitor lago Silva
Master course in Tecnology and digital art (2009) and Sculpture in Fine Arts, Oporto (1997). Erasmus program in Ècole Nationale des Beux-Arts, Paris. Menber of LCD_Laboratório de criação digital. Develop and show work in performance, installation, video, photografy, digital art and music. Teacher on arts. Works subjects: Identity, Sexuality, ambiguity, Faked Flesh, fantasy, and nuul esthetics.

João Maia e Silva
João Maia e Silva is an architecture student at EAUM (Escola de Arquitectura da Universidade do Minho) and membre of the Porto. Also active in music composition.
A sensitive performer and a live musician control digital music instruments in real time to manipulate a re-enactment of history.

The performer equiped with a Wireless Sensor Suit* transmitting his motion data to the musician which controlls music instruments with them.
* Performance instrument consisting of a suit equipped with several motion sensors and sends them by wireless transmission to a pc.