Filipe Pais
Filipe Pais was born in Viseu, Portugal in 1983 and since early he has been interested by the ways technology affect human senses and behaviours. He has been developing new media projects since 2004, researching methods to explore routine as an augmented reality, and as a source for aesthetic experience. Using analogue, digital or biological materials his works look for an organic and autonomous behaviour and they are normally based on simple rules that reach complex and ever changing, unpredictable outputs. Lately he has been exploring web-based social networks through a behavioural perspective. Some of his works were already featured at Jovens Criadores, Future Places, Artech, Culturgest, Mapa, Sonda, Cada, Skopje's Biennial 09 etc.
People are closing themselves inside glass aquariums. Web based social networks expose every single moment of our day life routine as if we were living inside a glass house constantly surveilled. Bloop is a commentary on this very unique moment where the incrustation phase of web based social networks is reaching the tipping point.

The piece analyzes twitter uses and emergent behaviours, exploring the idea of "enfo" - redundant and useless information within the web. It attempts to refect on questions like self expression and privacy and how internet and particularly social networks are turning into deposits of useless and redundant information, logs of every step of one's routine.

Two fishes inside a tank tend to communicate when close to each other. This moment triggers a random and unintelligible message that is sent to the emitter twitter's account.