Filipe Cruz
Filipe Cruz is natural of Vila Nova de Gaia, born I 1979. Informatics Engineer, with pre-bologna Masters, focusing on artificial inteligence and the generative 3d urban environments. Involved in the demoscene since 98. Curator of Enough Records, the oldest Portuguese netlabel. Currently head of software development at Take The Wind, a biomedic communication company in Coimbra.
“New Impulse to Old Elements” is both a liveact and new recording EP by Filipe Cruz under his moniker ps. The EP will be released at the exhibition in extremly limited physical editions scattered through the convent during the exhibition period.

The sounds contained in the EP and expurged during the liveact are dark, tense, intimist, enveloping, celestial, terse and glitchy at the same time. Abusing some field recordings captured during the residency and spoken word improvisations explaining the nature of the elements.