Guilherme Martins
Born in Lisbon in 1977, always interested in new forms of art and started early to experiment with various mediums, photography, video, drawing and painting. Guilherme has worked for several design studios and advertising agencies in Lisbon since 2000. In 2007 he started to collaborate with Rui Horta on visual projections and visual content creation. Nowadays Guilherme works as a freelance in several kinds of visual projects, usually related to motion graphics, visual effects and webdesign. As a tinkerer and inventor he has a particular interest in experimenting with robotics and electronics in order to create innovative interactive experiments.
Guilherme Martins uncovers various technical areas, which often are seen as distant to the artistic community, combining programming, mechanics and electronics, and giving them a singular and artistic flavor. Through his robotized creatures,eccentric and/or shy and/or curious, Guilherme pretends to spark interest in the people that come across his works.