Catarina Mota
Catarina Mota is a phd fellow of the UTAustin|Portugal digital media program, co-founder of openMaterials, founding member of the collective altLab, and board member of the AZ Labs Network. Her academic and DIY research work focuses on open source hardware, smart materials, digital fabrication, and maker culture.

Joël Belouet
Joël Belouet is currently a student at the Art School of Aix-en-Provence (FRANCE). His master's research focuses on multimedia and mechatronics. He uses programming and new media as mediums to explore his own reflexion. Interested in the relation between reality and virtuality, he works on the link between Man and virtual universes created by himself. Games take an important place in his work, as spaces and times revelant of this human's wish to understand his own condition in the world.
Anchored in reality, men uses his eyes to apprehend and discern. Since a young age, he situates himself in a universe of known forms and colors. A dream is the moment or space in which we abandon the representational aspect of reality to cross the threshold into abstraction, the product not of representational but of meaningful forms. Disoriented, we drift in this universe incessantly looking for meaning. Unable to ground itself on known elements, the spirit plays by analogies with its own culture/experience. Thus, nobody can objectively determine the shape of a cloud in the sky.