Jorge Ribeiro
Jorge Ribeiro was born in Paços de Ferreira, in 1985. Jorge Ribeiro is graduated in Technologies of Visual Information, by the University of Coimbra and is finishing the Master's degree in Technologies of Visual Information. He has been developing VJing works, with the name LedPixel. He participated actively in associative movements: he was the president of Television of Academic Association of Coimbra and, more recently, he integrated Audiência Zero, as a member of LCD lab and as founder member of xDA.
Chameleon Mixer projects consists on creation of software and hardware for a real time digital video mixer. It is inspired on chameleon and it aims to give us a different sight of the one we assume as real. The chameleon mixer receives information through its sensors and adds effects to the final image.

The mixer is controlled by the user through sliders or digital sensors. That way it can control easily and by itself the effects. The micro-controller of the hardware is an arduíno and Processing will do the communication between micro-controller and chameleon mixer's software. Software is developed with OpenFrameworks (language C++). OpenFrameworks is also the framework where real time image processing is done and where effects are applied.