Marco Moura
Marco Moura is a plastic artist, graduated from A.R.C.A – E.A.C Graphic Arts technical course in 1999 and E.S.E.C. Multimedia Design and Comunication in 2010. Having won several national prizes in the areas of illustration, comics and graphic design. Currently working as a freelancer in different areas such as painting, illustration, photography and design.

Victor Martins
Victor Martins, also known as V*. Is a generative-art lover and an interactive media + realtime computer graphics developer. Has been involved with the underground digital art movement called Demoscene, since the early 90's. His work ranges from realtime visual effects to simulation of real life phenomena from a different point of view.

Filipe Cruz
Filipe Cruz is natural of Vila Nova de Gaia, born I 1979. Informatics Engineer, with pre-bologna Masters, focusing on artificial inteligence and the generative 3d urban environments. Involved in the demoscene since 98. Curator of Enough Records, the oldest Portuguese netlabel. Currently head of software development at Take The Wind, a biomedic communication company in Coimbra.
At the rhythm we live in, our society and community leads us into assumptions that everything surrounding us is temporary. The work exhibited is a reflection on this discard culture and it's entire irreflected or often prejudiced perception on people and objects alike.

Using as canvas the cardboard, an object easily discardable once it's usability has been reached, Marco Moura illustates in this installation 4 pieces of feminine models following a new urban tribes motive, the cult of the anti-barbie aesthetics, subverted pin-up. Going against the cult of the unattainable beauty typically portraited by fashion magazines.

Enhancing these illustrations by Marco Moura is a projection system developed by Victor Martins and Filipe Cruz. The projection reacting to sensors gives a new life and subversion motif to the illustrations.