Margarida Faria
Margarida Faria is finishing her master's degree in Computer Science at University of Coimbra. She decided to take advantage of her master's thesis to do a work within two of her research interests: robotics and human-computer interaction.
On this project we fused a pencil cup, Instant Messaging and a character. The result was Freddy: a robotic pencil holder that transmits voice messages and loves "Queen" music. Freddy reacts sound and internet, unfortunately he is blind. Still it doesn't stop him from squashing and stretching to sounds around him. He uses three diferent faces to express himself and has a very peculiar voice.

From this project resulted an unusual robot, that uses knowledge from a multitude of areas. A bit of mechanic, some electronics, a lot of programming, and just a touch of Artificial Inteligence , design and movie theory, created this joyfull desk companion. This project is done as an internship within the Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC), with Professor Penousal Machado as advisor.