Mónica Mendes
Researcher on real-time video for sustainability and artistic experimentation as a Digital Media PhD fellow of the UT Austin|Portugal Program, multimedia arts educator at FBAUL, interface designer, CIEAM member, and co-founder member of altLab.

Mauricio Mendes
Founder of, an on-line company on audiovisuals and video production services. Background in electronics and video production. Tinkerer developing projects in the area of physical computing, tangible and interactive interfaces. Participation as a collaborator in the Interactivos'10 at Medialab Prado and working in outsourcing with Near Interaction – creative interactive solutions.

Pedro ÂngeloInteractive software research and development consultant, Master's student in Technology and Digital Art, drummer, samplista, free software and free culture hacktivist, co-founder of Audiência Zero cultural association and LCD.

Ricardo Webbens
Multidisciplinary artist with expertise in physical computing developing works that emerge both from sound design and visual perception, specialized in circuit bending, audio and video platforms, DiY instruments and controllers, and music in every form of experimental ideas, and co-founder of altLab.

Sérgio Ferreira
Syncretic futurist working in the Now. Member of Audiência Zero cultural association and LCD.

Tiago Serra
Entrepeneur, Engineer and Designer at SenseBloom. xDA hackerspace founder. Interaction Designer and HCI guy. Usability and User Experience diligent, Inventor and overall mad scientist.
What is the feeling of becoming the wind, an invisible power with a visible physical effect on trees? Will you cherish the leafs, or will you trigger a hurricane? B-wind! B-wind! is an experience where users perform an invisible character, the wind, triggering effects on site and at the remote forest. B-wind! is realized as two connected spaces: one with a projection of a video stream of a remote forest space where the user motion controls the rendering of visual effects and another, at that remote location, where software controls the fans that influence the real trees.