there is a small Spanish Amiga Demo(Booze)party called BGParty happening in Sevilla/Spain 16-18 December.

me beeing from Portugal and Sevilha beeing somewhat close to Portugal, i decided to go there with Jeenio/Ultrasound and EviL/Scoopex to have a couple beers and watch a few amiga demos with some cool sceners.

it's the first Amiga demoparty in Spain in the last 5 years, and despite beeing small (around 30 people expected to show up), there will be competitions of all shape and form (from the more traditional ones like ascii, gfx, intro, demo, 4ch mods, chiptune, to the more alternative ones like shots drinking, boozed up ddr and blindfolded fast sketching

one of the attenders, MadGoblin/ZonaNeutra^Spöntz claimed that the party idea ruled and that he would tatoo the name of the main organizer if they had more prods than the previous spanish demoparty BCNParty 101.

BGParty accepts remote entries. *evil grin*

so, what i challenge you, amiga sceners of the world, is to finish or remix your kindergarden 20005 entries or do some fastmade fun entries about where madGoblin should get tattoo'ed.

- how fun it is to make an ascii, fastgraphics, chiptune, fastdemo, 4k, joke cracktro, or fukc torment remix of an older demo.
- how much the International Amiga scene rules.

It shouldn't be too hard to beat the 76 releases bcnparty had, and challenge MadGoblin to really get tattooed for underestimating the active amiga scene ;)

If you can read spanish, you can check more info about the party on the main orga: Ayame/Network's blog.

If you got a prod for us to watch during the party, just email me the url of it and i'll take it with me to the partyplace! ^^