minimalartifact is a demogroup. part of the demoscene. it was founded by me, ps / tpolm & enoughrecords, as a new outlet for my coded audiovisual creations. a distinction from tpolm was required to purge secondary intentions from certain minds. the ethos of this new group was to create realtime demos and intros of the abstract and minimalistic dark and long vein. counterpointing the spanish jokegroup minimalanimal whose focus was on creating demos to ridicule the abstract minimalism trend that had been taking more spotlight within the demoscene. taken by some as a breath of inspiring fresh air, others took it as hyped garbage. minimalartifact set to prove that there is room for interesting creative work under the limitations of beeing abstract, monotonous, minimalistic, single effect and extremly long. the purpose also came to deliver the works in a non self-explanatory way in order to warrant the mind of the perceiver to attempt to understand the ethos behind the abstract concept of the scene perceived. field research lead to the conclusion that great majority of the demoscene audience will not engage in such activity, often showing signs of feeling annoyed and insulted by beeing forced to experience the piece as meant to be experienced.

minimalartifact is now in closure of it's activity as a living research and peer educational demogroup. so to assist the understanding of the pieces released through the years and thank my creative colaborators for their input i decided to compose this webpage. there were other productions which fit the minimalartifact ethos but were not released under the groups label for one reason or another, i shall address them aswell here and now as they also bare importance into the creation, progression and demise of the group.

toptiny redexit / calodox was the intro that got me kicked out of calodox for beeing a selfish and overly demanding person who didnt thank other peoples mothers for stayovers. very introspective, repetitive and abit psychedelic. first experience with opengl. also first experience with ld0d's softsynth. self disqualified at my own demoparty, inercia, for not wanting to vote on competition. thanks to EviL/Scoopex and fred/calodox for moral support.

mg_r / tpolm was the demo that labbeled me as a noise artyfaggot corrupting the good name of old groups with my shit releases. software coded as a fast noise remix of m and graerk, two demos i had previously worked on which contained graphics by attack/wij which i reused on mg_r. it was meant to be taken as a contemplative dreamy noise piece, spacebar changes the noise threshold on the graphics. thanks to knos for the pcx loader code. released at bcnparty, got last place and lots of weird looks on peoples faces. thanks to AMB/level64, Jak/Hansa, fred/enr, rngmnn/scoopex and raver/phantasy for moral support.

1 was the start of the actual demogroup. the concept was to create an enveloping dark ambient resembling the sessions of instrospective void blank stare that occur during gloom dark isolation and how the revolving on the feelings can make it grow from serenity towards the corruption. the transmission interference effect was fully sound frequency analysis based. soundtrack was one of my many noise dark ambient experiments. performed live, justifying the use of high quality audio format for the soundtrack. thanks to hybrid-2k for the ascii art. people talked outloud on how boring it was during the presentation at my own demoparty, inercia. thanks to NNY/nothing for moral support.

ana was about the flabergasting feeling of loss of something i once had. revolving around the failed attempted rationalization and acceptance of the unavoidable further complete distraught corruption of everything in our life. soundtrack was one of my first experiments into powernoise genre, it was performed live, justifying the use of high quality audio format for the soundtrack. thanks to shirozaki and NNY/nothing for the pictures used. also thanks to sense/i2pi and crmx/nothing for moral support. heard it was censored and ended up beeing voted last on bunzli.

ana remix had the soundtrack remixed by EviL/Scoopex to make it more easy to understand to the general audience. the frequency reactive automatum system used to sync the parameters of the original demo remained untouched, and proved to deliver a somehow very diferent visual experience by mear alteration and fine tune of the frequencies used. was applauded twice during the display, placed last at bcnparty.

gomen nasai tried to explore the japnoise vein. trying to explore contrasts and use more graphical content then the previous demos. it was a rushed and unfinished product. thanks to miss julia mandelbrot and delilah for the pictures used. it was censored for beeing too monotonous at breakpoint. thanks to fred/calodox for moral support.

electro glide in black is a product of many extreme influences. on one hand it comprises of audio explorations in the dark ambient, microsound, glitch and field recordings genres introduced while colaborating with m__, owner of conv netlabel, for a shared project called dotkraz. the mix of sounds chosen were of a very contemplative and sorrowful nature. to me, going through a rather bad personal period they became even more contemplative and sorroful. finetuning the frequency response to the automatum machine that controlled the line drawing parameters and screen cleaning rate became a bahamut chore. observing the way the lines shrank and crackled, receded and exploded in synchronism to the sound whilst i dwelved myself in debates of my own mind.. felt like cotton barbwire scratching my soul. name of the piece came from resemblances to apollo 440's similarly titled album's cover art. thanks to kusma for the ddraw wrapper. people were talking out loud on how boring it was during the presentation at my own demoparty, inercia.

"who cares idiot? i certainly don't" was a quote that i had been haunting in my head for several months. haunting in ways that made me randomly burst into many devastating emotions. the length of the noise on this demo was shortened severily to make it more viewing friendly. thanks to fred/calodox for additional graphics. crowd didnt know how to react. was self disqualified at bcnparty for refusal to vote on the competition.

untitled bp05 intro was a collaboration with kosmoplovci at a point where i was tired of creating demos altogether due to the feedback and expectations received from previous creations. they had a project to create a massive musicdisk of abstract minimalism and asked me to compose a small intro for the project out of a live recording they had performed and a few many abstract 3d art pieces scroolers. it became an anthem. i thank igor, kdes and procesor for the inspiration and support. it was presented outside the competitions at breakpoint. people watched it till the end with no reaction other then leaving to catch a beer and asking to the neighbour what the fuck was that playing. had good feedback on it, both from people who got the point and did not.

a deepness in the sky - dark & long remix / fxm fast made remix coded by melwyn and using a recently released glitch ambient soundtrack of mine. released at bunzli, crowd applauded, we got some prize for it, lots of hypnotized stares at the partyplace, and lots of clueless flame comments on pouet.

p351 was a demo kosmoplovci did out of a soundtrack i had recently composed. it captured it's essence fairly well, reminded me alot of electro glide in a way. was very proud of the end result. people boo'ed it for beeing too boring during presentation so the organizers censored it half way at bcnparty. fairly good feedback on it afterwards.

agna was a video feedback experiment with a track from known noise artist and good friend of mine nosfe. presented at bgparty with some curious reactions. thanks to vouck for ascii support.

agna (fuck xmas remix) was done to show my utmost hatred for the existance of the season holidays. despite beeing released outside any competition a few people still managed to take insult into it's creation (hi jeenio and gargaj).

analogue interference / glenz was planned as a co-minimalartifact release but after accusations of credit snatching, its officially _not_ a minimalartifact production. it's just listed here couz i was involved somehow and it follows the dark and long minimalistic and abstract vein.

additional thanks to zania for moral support and ne7/triad for additional ascii support.