Recycle Bin Laden

Recycle Bin Laden is a long term web art project developed by Filipe 'ps' Cruz that repurposes digital bits into online art pieces, the concept is to upload a file or dump a string into a webpage and have it's md5 checksum be used as seed value for generative web art. A recycle bin for the online digital age.

] MetaGenHaiku (changelog)
A meta Haiku poem editor and generator.
Featured at ExibiÁ„o ResidÍncia O EspaÁo Tempo Montemor o Novo, Portugal - Jun 2010
Featured at The 3 Inch Canvas Exhibition Jyvšskylš, Finland - Apr 2011
Used in Under a Seering Sky web game - Jun 2012

] Leviathan Sun
Javascript canvas 4k intro
Placed 3rd at Payback demoparty PC Intro competition Helsinki, Finland - Feb 2013
Submitted to #PROGRAMA LA PLAZA web2Facade Madrid, Spain - Feb 2013

] gentex
Will be a texture generator, not done yet.