Leviathan Sun

A 4k intro for Payback demoparty, February 2013.
Made by Filipe 'ps' Cruz.

It is a webpage which takes an md5 seed value and generates an audiovisual art piece out of it. The page that generates the audiovisual art piece is limited in filesize to 4k. A PNG self-extractable html page with javascript code that composes generative sound, creates the HTML5 Audio element to play it and the HTML5 canvas element to render generative visuals which are calculated in realtime.

The intro is generative, that means it will sound and look slightly different every time you run it. If no seed argument is being provided, a random one is calculated. You can define the seed value by passing the seed argument on the url (i.e. ?seed=value)

Leviathan Sun was developed for latest stable versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It will not work on Internet Explorer. Might work on Safari. Might give problems on Firefox if you have below 2GB of RAM, their garbage collector appears to suck ass, doesn't like processing my high quality audio buffer very much. While loading the browser might give a warning that the script might have become unresponsive, this warning is normal since it takes a while to precalculate the audio, initialize the soundbuffer and setup the graphic elements. You should click these warnings away to proceed and wait a few more seconds. Or give up and use a more modern browser on a machine with more RAM.

Launch Leviathan Sun

Additional Credits:
- Viznut, Bemmu et al for the originl bytesize music player
- p01 for the 1k speechsynth
- the guys behind UglifyJS for the minification
- Gasman et al for the PNGinator Ruby script

Sourcecode available at github