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An haiku is a short form of asian poetry, typically of a heavy sensorial / synesthetic motive and related to nature and /or the seasons of the year. The most common form is 3 short sentences long in 5-7-5 syllables form. With a total of 17.

Meta Gen Haiku is a web tool that enables the user to construct and edit generative Haiku.
The user can shape several different semantic forms for the haiku with wordlists of synonyms.

The Haiku is then generated by selecting random seeds from any given input value, including words, sentences and documents, enabling recursion: A generated haiku is used as seed for the generation of a new haiku.

Android App also available here.

Mail psenough@gmail.com your comments and suggestions.

More info about Meta GenHaiku project can be read at a blog post fro xDA (link)

© 2010-2011 hacked together by ps / TPOLM & xDA. Meta Gen Haiku is part of the Recycle Bin Laden project